Raccolta di Lepidotteri

Land, water and air animals


The first room on the ground floor is dedicated to fish, amphibians and reptiles from the province of Sondrio. Some wooden models of fish are arranged along a display, in a stylized format, reproducing the River Adda from its sources to Lake Como and illustrating its various environments: Alpine lakes, Alpine streams, foothill rivers and lowland lakes and rivers. The models of amphibians and reptiles are set in small display cases, which represent the different habitats they can be found in, from the valley bottom to high altitudes. A multimedia point gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about some themes and test their knowledge through various games.

The exhibition continues on the second floor with display cases dedicated to birds. Here, you can find specimens of 81 species among the most characteristic of provincial birdlife, all of which are displayed in systematic order. Simple captions and numerous drawings provide the visitor with information on the most interesting aspects of the biology and behaviour of these animals. A beautiful wolf specimen and the skull of the last bear hunted in Valgerola, when bounties still existed on predators, complete the area concerning Vertebrates. Following this, we move into the insect room where 110 drawings, 16 charts, 240 photographs, 16 three-dimensional models and more than 320 specimens present the long evolutionary history of these arthropods, their enormous ecological importance, their extraordinary diversity, their anatomical and behavioural characteristics and their relationship with man.


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